HW Energy ReDesign

HW Energy
February 2021 - May 2021

Project Overview

HydroWind Energy builds and develops technologies producing renewable energy through wind and water. They are on a journey to create the world’s leading energy company that will provide a substantial contribution to the welfare of humanity. They do not shirk their sense of duty in protecting the natural environment whilst developing breakthrough technologies that solve unavoidable world-wide issues.

They needed a way to showcase their main technologies in a creative but informative website. The website needed to be aligned with their existing style guide and produce a memorable and seamless user experience. The two renewable energy technologies they’ve produced needed to be showcased in great detail with external links out to the QuenchSea e-com site.

My Contributions

Simultaneously designing both this project and the QuenchSea e-com site allowed me to efficiently utilise similar style guides and component structures. This maintained consistency when tackling trivial project challenges such as the typographic hierarchy, graphic style and colour palette. I was able to take heavy influence from QuenchSea to develop this top-level site.

I collaborated with the other graphic designers at ONQOR to produce an iconography or graphic assets we might need. I developed the overall visual style and structure of the site to house the content HW Energy had already provided for us; as well as pushing the boundaries from a creative perspective with how we can make users interact dynamical with this content.

The Details

HW Energy wanted to modernise their pre-existing website alongside the launch of their QuenchSea e-com site. Both sites needed to look consistent but each had a specific function. HW Energy’s top-level site needed to showcase the technologies they had been developing in order to interest investors and potential adopters.

Users needed to be given a top-level view of how the tech worked as well as the benefits of it. We also needed to establish HW Energy’s ground beliefs and vision for the future. This was achieved through a page called ‘Round Table’ which tells a brief story of why the company exists and to what end.

We already had the content but needed to think of creative and brand consistent ways to display it. An interactive UI would allow users to pleasurably experience the website and digest the information in an exciting and versatile way.

The website needed to stay aligned and visually coherent with the QuenchSea website, it needed to be apparent both companies are cut from the same cloth. I also wanted to find a way of increasing user interaction by showing content dynamically through the site.

Inclusion of the developers throughout this project was critical to getting it over the line on time. Luckily we had plenty of content to draw from when building the structure of the website. Due to the nature and function of the deliverable we could build out the site map quickly. So the main challenge was creating the interactions and animations necessary to make the content dynamic and pleasurable to view.

Ultimately the user interface was simple with the ‘Water’ and ‘Energy’ pages being the main feature. We needed to showcase the technologies in all their glory. We did this using tech spec diagrams and image galleries. Showing graphic renders of the tech in situ was the best way to communicate to the user what the product is and how it works because the device isn’t in widespread use yet (that’s the aim of this project).

This project was successful in solidifying the core brand elements of HW Energy and establishing their foundations online. They can now scale this site to cater for new technologies using the same page structure and design built out by our developers. They can also update the homepage with featured external articles to flaunt recent activity so the company can remain relevant.