Hybrid Events

December 2020 - January 2021

Project Overview

LondonFilmed needed to adapt their business  to retain ongoing projects during the recent pandemic. Originally, they specialise in event filming creating content for music festivals, sports conferences and other live events. They now had to turn their attention to virtual reality, live-streaming and hybrid events in order to diversify and stay afloat in during the pandemic.

Without much content, we had to make virtual events enticing to prospective clients visiting the site. We needed to modernise the graphics and update their content not only to stay relevant to users but boost that all important SEO ranking to keep traffic coming into the site.

My Contributions

My challenge was to adapt the UI and content of the homepage, virtual events landing page and event case studies. Helping to build and maintain SEO ranking whilst keeping consistent with the clients brand guidelines and visual assets. Aligning the design without the marketing strategy was the number one priority as this would impede the success of the project if not executed properly.

I was able to perform a fast turn over for this project as a style guide had already been defined along with a visual concept and graphic assets. Once I had created SEO optimised sections that looked modern and felt dynamic I handed over to the devs to build using Uncode.

The Details

LondonFilmed provide event filming services to popular events. They use their skills to create impactful content for marketing services and can even handle televising live events through a number of third party platforms. Their aim is to help their clients cater for any event filming needs lending assistance and advice in event planning and on-the-day execution. They are a dynamic team of talented individuals.

LondonFilmed needed to stay relevant during the pandemic. COVID19 put a hold on all live events, ultimately meaning there were no live events to film… We had to put an emphasise on the client’s virtual services, explaining in detail what they are and how they worked to entice prospective clients to get in contact. The strategy we employed was a numbers game.

User engagement on the site was at an all time low so we needed to attract more people and increase the traffic flowing through the site. Like with most sites users visit one of two ways, exploration through the homepage by specifically searching for LondonFilmed; or searching for a keyword relating to their services and landing on a blog post or landing page. Both of these engagement methods had to be catered for within the redesign to maximise retention and increase contact form submission.

Chronologically, the first page in the roadmap to amended was the case study pages as the SEO was none existent. They needed to be designed and built from scratch before we could build that precious ranking and get users landing on them from keyword searches. Essentially these pages were just text and image content but needed to conform to the style guide adopted by the rest of the site to remain consistent.

The solution I came up with as a hero that maximised visual impact of the media content by expanding it across the viewport width. Overlaying the image with a gradient and white text aligned this page to the rest of the site. Inverting the style to a more traditional white background with a constricted width aided user readability across the rest of the page.

We added a sticky stat component that gave an overview of the event case study with a dynamic animation that started upon page load. This page was designed to be scalable and accommodate any new case studies that will be added in the future.

Secondly, the virtual events service page was to be addressed. We needed to align the content with the pandemic and showcase what a virtual event aided by LondonFilmed looked like and how it worked. We wanted the information displayed on this page to be dynamic and fun for the users to interact with. The content also needed to help boost the SEO ranking so users could find this page on Google. We included third-party platform examples along with their respective logos to increase brand recognition and reassure the user that LondonFilmed were experienced at what they do.

Lastly, but definitely not least, was the LondonFilmed homepage. This needed a total reboot with regards to brand message, tone of voice and general UI modernisation. We wanted to include interactive content further up the page so we could use this as a general hub to link off to the rest of the website. I enjoyed pushing the style guide further to really test and develop and we could do with the existing brand assets as well as creating fresh graphics to showcase new services provided.