ONQOR Portfolios

December 2020 - January 2021

Project Overview

ONQOR Group are a marketing agency that puts stock in ethical, moral and future-thinking projects for like-minded businesses. With a core belief that any business can be made successful with 2 key elements; high quality marketing and efficient systems. Bringing together 5 collaborative departments, ONQOR Group aim to maximise return on investment for its clients in a sustainable way, encouraging growth through a budget-first approach.

As part of their team I was asked to redesign our website’s portfolio pages as they were scarce, outdated and not representative of our current client-base or business infrastructure. They needed to showcase the level of work we can provide our clients and demonstrate the high quality service that we can provide as a business partner. Leveraging a developed style guide and new tech integrations  to provide an engaging and impressive experience that would leave users in awe. ONQOR Group needed to utilise these pages to prove to prospective clients that they are as good as their word and truly put substance over style.

My Contributions

Coordinating the design stage of the portfolio redesign, which in turn instigated the redesign of not only the homepage but the rest of the pages on the website. I collaborated with our graphic designers to reinforce brand recognition and maintain consistency across all platforms.

I enabled a scalable approach to the design of these portfolios which will prove beneficial in the long-term as the design structure will accommodate dynamic content that can be reordered and reused for multiple purposes. Essentially anyone can add a new project and reuse the pre-designed components easily without the aid of a designer or developer.

The ONQOR Group homepage.

The Details

ONQOR Group wanted to update the portfolio pages of the ‘our work’ section to better communicate the scale and quality of the work they have produced. These pages had been left untouched in quite a while and were in desperate need of some TLC.

The challenge was to create an engaging, impressive user experience that would give a sense of the scale and quality of the services rendered for each client. The design must be structurally scalable and transferrable to new projects to be added in the future. Each department within ONQOR Group had its own services that needed to be catered for within the design. The pages needed to be adaptable to large and small amounts of content whilst maintaining its immersive experience.

Straight off the cuff, the head developer suggested integrating GreenSock Animation to enable immersive animation upon scrolling no matter the page size. This meant that headings and imagery could behave dynamically whilst page load speed and overall ease of use was not hindered. I designed a secondary sticky navigation that would allow users to traverse through sections of the portfolio page through auto-scroll anchor points.

This minimises the amount of scrolling and effort needed to navigate the page. The page is structured top-level content near the top and then drills down into service specific details about the work undertaken.

Content is styled consistently with the ONQOR Group brand guidelines to reinforce brand recognition and colour-coded sections indicate where the user is on the page at all times. The flow is clear and the user is always directed towards a specific action, ultimately viewing more of the portfolio pages or getting in touch.

Part of this project included creating an index page for these portfolios to live and be accessible from. I developed a dynamic visual style and hover state animation that is playful and pleasurable to use. Client logos and content is displayed throughout the index and portfolio pages to reassure the user of the client work they are viewing. Pages are internally linked to boost SEO ranking increase traffic through the site, hopefully leading to a greater conversion rate.