September 2019 - Jan 2020

Project Overview

Festicket are a London-based, e-commerce site that package together tickets for music events with travel and accommodation.

For this freelance project, I created an in-house task management system that would organise a large amount of design requests coming in from multiple departments within Festicket.

My Contributions

I was the sole designer working on this project producing wireframes, initial concepts, high fidelity designs and interactive prototypes. Breaking down the project into research, ideation and design iteration phases I was able to deliver concepts and specifications whilst sticking to a project roadmap.

I delivered the final concept as a pitch to the head of design and handed over the project using Zeplin.

The Details

This is my first project adopting a User Experience driven approach. After scoping the brief with the client, I started by initiating interviews with would-be users. I figured out that the root cause for needing a task management system is to make the design team at Festicket’s workflow more efficient and increase productivity.

I looked at similar products that help manage workflow to gage what features should be included in my own concept as well as what doesn’t work so well. Initial UI and concepts were inspired by designs found on  including a sign up flow and responsive design.

I checked in with the client after each phases to ensure work was carried out in the desired trajectory of the roadmap. Feedback was critical at each relevant stage of this project to make sure workflow was managed efficiently and deadlines met - checking in with the client incrementally allowed steady progress to be maintained throughout design iteration phases.

The first round of iterations allowed initial design flaws to be weeded out through peer and client feedback. The colour scheme I used at first was a little erratic , I attempted to categorise each task this way but this method proved too ambiguous. The client decide task categorisation wasn’t essential for MVP but could be revisited once the product launched.

In round 2 of design iterations I introduced usability prototyping to show the responsiveness and user flow fo the product. This also helped to demonstrate the different features that would be available in the MVP launch of the product.

After this phase the client was happy to put the product into production so I handed off the designs to the dev team at Festicket by uploading to Zeplin, converting UI components to CSS code.

Full disclosure this project was also submitted as part of a university module demonstrating professional practise which was graded as a 1st.