ZoeBee Beauty
December 2020 - January 2021

Project Overview

ZoeBee are an vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand whose products are so popular, they literally sell out in minutes. Redesigning the ZoeBee E-com store was one of the most time-sensitive and challenging projects I’ve worked on. This client commissioned all our services at ONQOR Group so all hands were on deck to get this over the line… In three weeks…

We adopted an iterative process whereby we could test a live version of the initial design and improve sections and add features as and when we had more information about ZoeBee’s users.

My Contributions

My task was to design the user interface within Adobe XD, ready to hand-off parts of the design within the first week. Working in tandem with developers for the remaining two weeks of the project build. This was tough as any lax communication could lead to delays and scope creep.

Collaborating with our graphic designers, we produced a visual concept that felt natural and clean without seeming too clinical or medicinal. Botanical illustrations, textured backgrounds and an earthy colour palette lead to an elegant design solution.

The Details

ZoeBee is a natural alternative to high street skincare products packed with natural, organic and vegan goodness with none of the bad stuff. Their unique product is so popular that it would literally sell out in minutes, meaning a unique design solution to their E-com site was needed to explain why the product was so scarce and that users can be contacted via email when the product is back in stock.

A high demand for their product meant that ZoeBee skincare would sell out in under 5 minutes after every restock. We had to make it obvious to users when each restock was and highlight the fact that it was because of their limited stock and popularity of the product (not a marketing ploy) that it was difficult for customers to secure their ZoeBee skincare products. We also needed to reinforce the brand to increase recognition and user retention, not only on the e-com site but social media too.

The solution? Making the countdown timer an unmissable feature of the website along with service updates and email sign ups being imperative to allowing users who are too late to buy the product a better chance to secure ZoeBee Skincare range during the next restock.

We decided to adopt a mobile first approach to this project as most of the user’s visiting the site were using their smartphones to do so. Using Adobe XD was ideal as I could prototype the design in realtime on an iPhone whilst designing within XD.

We introduced textured background with a pastel colour palette to complement the earthy visual concept we wanted to reinforce ZoeBee’s branding. Trending glass-morphism highlights interactive elements throughout the site so the user can easily locate and digest important information and controls. These assets also translated to social media marketing and video content created for ZoeBee by ONQOR Marketing and ONQOR Media.

A large slider gave a unique perspective of the product by viewing its swirl from a bird’s eye view - remember we wanted to enhance that brand recognition? Emphasising the unique traits of the product was a great way to do this! We also produced bespoke functional and display iconography for USPs and simple site navigation.

The interactivity of the site needed to feel clean and refined without adding too much development time to the site due to our strict deadline. We used simple CSS animations effective on hover states throughout the site to add pleasure and curiosity to design elements.

The suspense is over! We delivered! In time for the new year users were flocking to the site with 4 times the original engagement rate.